Software Engineer

+20 years experience.

Leonardo Labolida graduated university in 1999 with a Bachelor of Information Technology. Since then Leo has worked within the IT industries of Brazil, Canada and Spain expanding his skills as an analyst and software developer.
His career goal is to work within large companies leading and among teams of people with strong and diverse IT skills. This allows him the opportunity to manage projects and continuously learn and expand on his skill set.
Current business and technical knowledge is very important to Leo. New procedures, frameworks, etc are constantly emerging and Leo believes that it is vital to be aware of these developments and changes. Recently Leo has been more specifically focused on business IT concepts which are also constantly on the move. To date he has accumulated business IT experience in banking, e-commerce, insurance, unemployment insurance, and growing experience with Java (standards, internet and micro standards).

He is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Leo has worked within IT for several major international companies, these include; Brandesco Seguros - a major insurance company in Brazil, Bank Santander - a major European bank, SPEE (INEM) Public Unemployment Insurance for the Spanish government. BBVA and Bankinter - Very important banks.

Leo has experience in:

Agile teams: Working in the last two years with Scrum methodology.

System analysis: User requirement, functional analisys, functional and technical documentation, UML diagrams and user manuals.

Software development:

Server-side: Java 8 JEE Enterprise Edition , Functional Interfaces, Lambda expressions, Spring 2 (MVC, Rest), SpringBoot 2 (RestFullWebServices;data:jdbc,jpa,rest), WebServices (xml, SOAP-WSDL including Jersey CXF), MicroServices (RestFull annotation /Json). Log4J, slf4j.

Client-side: html 4 and 5, css, JavaScript and JQuery.

Database: Oracle 12c, MS-SQLServer, MySQL, Postgres, Derby and SQLite.

Testing: JUnit and Mockito (unit tests), SonarQA (for quality code), Selenium + java-driven (smoke and regression tests).

Devop: Continuous Integration with GIT, Maven, Jenkins pipe-lines, SVN Subversion. Docker (building images from Linux+Java to create new Java apps images).

Sysop: Linux (advanced), Bat, Bash, SSH.

Servers: WildFly/JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere, Embedded such as Jetty.

Ide: Eclipse, Intellij, WebSphere, Visual Studio Code.

Desgin patterns: such as Singleton, Builder, Observer, Factory, Dependency Injection, and others.

Network-security JCE Java-Cryptography-Extension.

Other languages: bash script, php, groovy.

Business experience

Eletronic e-Commerce - 2 Years working on front-ends and back-offices for java web applitacions.
Insurance - 6 Years working on car and life insurance java systems.
Unemployment Insurance - 5 years working on J2EE projects for the Spanish Public Service.
Banks - 11 years working with user requirements, software development and testing.